Thursday, August 18, 2011

(DVD REVIEW) Take Me Home Tonight

For some reason I always thought that Eric and Donna would be the two that went on to do great things in Hollywood after that 70's Show was over. But Laura Prepon is barely making TV appearances and Topher Grace movies are often left with little to no audience (or being bashed by the audience that sees it - SpiderMan 3). So, while I always like what Topher does in film, I kind of rented this movie on a dare to myself. I wanted to see if it was chalked full of goobie 80's gags and squeaky clean teen imagery.....boy was I wrong (and glad I was).

Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) is a smart kid. Straight A student in high school, graduated from MIT, and now works at a video store. He's a little lost (as most of us are/were in that time). Most of his friends are moving on with their lives and he is stuck in a rut. In this rut with him is Barry Nathan (Dan Fogler), his best friend that skipped college and started selling cars for a luxury car dealership. After a string of events set them on a wild night in town, Matt is presented with finally getting to know his high school crush Tori, to prove to the rest of his ex-class mates that he is not the same kid in high school, and to prove to himself that he has something to offer. The only question is "what" does he have to offer.

This movie is NOT 16 candles. It has a LOT of cussing, a little nudity, drug use, and still has all of those fun 80's references that you really want in a movie like this. Anna Ferris plays twin sister to Topher's character and turns in a top notch performance. Everyone does a great job in this movie. It's a shame it never found a bigger audience.


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