Thursday, August 18, 2011

(DVD REVIEW) Dylan Dog : Dead of Night

Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and Dylan Dog? Three movies that are so awesomely b-rate that it makes them that much more entertaining. The dialog, the delivery, the sometimes painfully bad effects....that is what makes b-rate movies so great. That is one of the main qualities that Dylan Dog has.

Dylan Dog (Routh) is a detective/peace keeper. He, unlike normal detectives, investigates crimes of a supernatural nature. Zombies, Werewolves, Vampire, etc....he is the peace keeper of them all. Well, at least he was until a woman that he loved was caught in the crossfire and killed. He swore off working for supernatural groups of the underworld until a case drags him back in. After he is pulled back in to his old life, he starts to piece together the puzzle that now makes up the New Orleans Underworld. Who is friend, who is foe, and will his undead sidekick ever get a replacement arm that matches his correct skin color. These are the questions that will all be answered in Dylan Dog.

The movie is fun. It's an odd little quirky movie with an honest tone about the absurdity of the material presented. It's a tongue-in-cheek version of Constantine. The money has moments of sheer hilarity (on purpose) and other hilarity (on accident). But it is a fun little ride with someone (Routh) that could take the place of Bruce Campbell as the king of deadpan b-rated movies (if he goes that route).


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