Thursday, August 18, 2011


If it isn't broke, why fix it? That MUST be what Russell Brand says every morning when he gets out of bed. With a personality such as his AND his extensive personal knowledge of the alcohol /drug addict lifestyle, he is normally a "go to" guy for these types of roles. After watching Arthur....I can see why.

Arthur (Brand) is the heir to a fortune of considerable size. He spends money like he drinks booze...a lot of it and very often. However, his mother (the queen of their empire) is tired of his antics and would like to name a successor to her company when she inevitably retires. Of course this is not Arthur that she wants to take over the company, it's Arthur's soon to be wife. A woman that she has chosen for Arthur to marry so she can take his last name and run the muti-billion dollar company. Arthur refuses but when dear ole mum says that he will either marry or she will cut him off ( out of 900+ million dollars) he decides to marry his mothers pick (Susan Johnson played by Jennifer Garner). Fate deals him a tricky hand when he stumbles across a lovely girl name Naomi (Greta Gerwig). When he falls for her he must figure out what is more or love.

I love Brand and love him even more after this movie. Usually he plays some ex-junkie adult...but in this movie he is more of a man-child that looks at the world with a sense of wonderment and amazement....even though he is always drunk while looking at it. This movie plays almost like Billy Madison mixed with a Vodka commercial. My wife and I both loved it.


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