Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm not one to seek out Romantic Comedy movies. While my wife and I make it a point to watch Serendipity at least once every fall/winter, I normally shy away from a "template" movie. One that is the EXACT SAME as a million other movies out there but has a different cast and title. Lucky for me, this was more like an UnRomantic Dramady.

This movie is about a womanizing young man, Jamie (Gyllenhaal), who is happily floating through life. He lands a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep and persuades a doctor to let him "shadow" the doctor's daily rounds. While doing this he is introduced to Maggie (Hathaway). Maggie is in stage one of Parkinson's and catches Jamie's eye. After some chasing Jamie finally gets Maggie to agree to go out with him. They, both being attracted to each other and not wanting a serious relationship, agree to become a casual, yet recurring, fling. While lines are drawn, and both know what this "relationship" is supposed to be, it soon evolves into something larger. But when the weight of Jamie's job and Maggie's disease begin to put pressure on their budding romance, they soon have to figure out if this is "fight or flight".

I'm a sucker for both of these actors. Gyllenhaal has been a favorite of mine since Donnie Darko and The Day After Tomorrow, and Hathaway since The Princess Diaries. So I was kind of hooked from the beginning. But the movie was actually very good and surprisingly touching in some scenes. Watching the character of Maggie struggle with her illness and trying to cope with the severity of what is to come was very well portrayed by Hathaway. I would recommend this movie to anyone. Watch it!

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