Thursday, August 11, 2011

(DVD REVIEW) Red Riding Hood / Beastly

My wife was sick this past weekend, so I decided to rent a few movies for her so she could sit around and have something to keep her busy. I figured that fairy tales would be a fun little distraction. Too bad I picked the ones that I did because they were not good. Not at all.

Red Riding Hood:
This was the first of the movies that we watched was the one that actually looked to be the most promising. Red Riding Hood is a new take on the old Fairy Tale Little Red Riding Hood (also known as Little Red Cap). The main difference in this movie and the older stories is that the wolf is not just a wolf in this movie. It's a werewolf (what a twist [sarcasm]). Trying to capitalize on the heat from Jacob on Twilight, they try to build a movie around "sexy" people that may/may not be werewolves. Not only that, but the dad of "hood" in this movie is actually the dad/sheriff from Twilight.

The movie stinks. It's boring. It's predictable. If you pay any attention AT ALL to the attack scenes you can easily find the common person that is missing each time. What a waste of time. The only way I would recommend that you watch this is if you have Netflix streaming and don't have to pay extra for it.

While the main source material is the Disney Classic Beauty and the Beast, the film is derived from a book that was written that retells the Beauty and the Beast story in a modern manner in New York City. I have always loved the story of Beauty and the Beast. How anyone can be redeemed and everyone can change. It's a great message.

While this is not a great movie by any means, it is ok. It has a few moments that are funny, a few that are sweet, and a few that are flat out horrible. Neil Patrick Harris is amazing as always. He pulls off that fine line between sarcastic/annoying and funny like only he can. The one thing that I hated more than anything was the ending. It was soooooo cheesy. It offered nothing special. There is an alternate ending that I found talk of online (but didn't see it on the DVD) that I think I would have preferred. I would have preferred a dancing clown more than the ending that I got.

In the end, it was worth the $1 that we paid redbox to watch it...but not a penny more.

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