Monday, August 22, 2011

(DVD REVIEW) Insidious

So. Why is it that I am so adverse to watching something after everyone I know says "go see it"? Is it because I am a rebel? Because I feel that I know what my tastes are in movies and I would watch it if I wanted to? More likely it is that I hate to feel like a follower and hate to be the last person to do something that EVERYONE else has. For a lot of those reasons, I put off watching some things (Hell, I STILL have not watch The NoteBook). But I decided to get over my issues for this one because it just looked too creepy to go without watching it.

The movie follows a family after a recent move to a new house. Not long after the couple and their two sons begin to settle in to the new house one of the boys, Dalton, mysteriously slips into a coma. After home care is established and, and the mom is settled into her new role as nurse, they start to experience numerous unexplained things. Very soon these annoyances begin to present themselves in the form of ghosts/entities. When the family decides to fight back and use unconventional methods to "find" their comatose son they open the door to a world that they are not prepared to deal with.

This movie was actually pretty scary. It had lots of "oh sh##" moments that had my wife and me squirming around in our seats. It's an interesting concept, a scary premise and a well executed thriller.


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