Tuesday, January 28, 2014

(Rental Review) In a World... (2013)

I'm a sucker for a certain type of movie. And that type of movie is anything with Lake Bell in it. Not only do I find her to be one of the most underrated comedic actresses of today, but she is a legitimately good actress. Every time that I see her in something she is almost ALWAYS the thing that I love most about the movie. Obviously that is what drew me in to this film. And while it isn't some massive budgeted epic film, it IS a  movie with a lot to say about family dynamics and a person trying to find their way.

Storyline: After the passing of Don LaFontaine, the originator of the line "In A World..." , a series of voice actors are looking at not only reviving the famous line but also taking over for "The Don" of movie trailers. While the world is sure that Sam (Fred Melamed) will take over as the "go to" voice, he quickly takes himself out of the running to promote up and comer Gustav (Ken Marino). But when Sam's daughter Carol (Lake Bell), a voice coach, begins to make waves by stealing work from Gustav, Sam becomes adamant about holding his daughter back. Sam considers himself the King of this world, and he refuses to let his daughter dethrone him.

So, as you can see from the storyline, this movie is not only about a girl coming into her own and making a name for herself in her profession, but it is about a father that is not only not willing to accept her as an equal but is surely not going to allow her to one up him. A father that is so adamant about remaining in the spotlight that he would choose to hold his child back from achieving a dream in a vain attempt at remaining relevant in an industry that is looking for something new. It really is an interesting look inside that family dynamic.

Also in the cast is Demetri Martin (Louis), Michaela Watkins (Dani) and Rob Corddry (Moe). Rob is really solid in this movie (as he is in most things) and I really enjoyed what his character and this Dani go through in this film. The struggles of a somewhat stagnant married couple may not sound very entertaining, but a particular scene in the film is not only heart breaking but it feels so real (the way they play it) that it absolutely "gut checks" you. Very solid performances from Rob and Michaela  in that scene.

Demetri Martin was a surprise to me. I'm not a huge fan of his. I think that he is funny and a bit quirky, but not someone that I just HAVE to see. His Comedy Central show was entertaining, because Demetri is a smart comic, but his shtick can become tiresome pretty quickly. But he was really strong in this movie. Not only was his character someone that was easy to identify with, but his character's budding relationship with Carol was believable and pretty adorable. Kudos all around for those involved in this film.


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